Document Messenger for Banks & Lenders

As a Bank or Lender it is vitally important to consider how you correspond online with customers and Intermediaries.

Firms need to consider an email encryption service when sending sensitive information online.

With Document Messenger your organisation can have their own dedicated portal with secure access for each of your staff. Document Messenger automatically encrypts and decrypts messages and documents directly sent between you and your clients.

Encryption basically scrambles the data with complex mathematical transformations so it’s only readable by the intended recipient using the correct password.

Sending an unencrypted email is not secure and could be compared to a postcard, in that anyone could potentially read it.

Why use Document Messenger as a Bank or Lenders

We have 25 years experience in the Financial Services industry and although certain encryption services exist, they are not always easy for customers to use.

Many solutions on the market require clients to download software or integrate the software with their email program.

Document Messenger does not require any software to be downloaded. Keeping the system simple for ‘members of the public’ and intermediaries is key and ensuring they are able to retrieve the messages and documents you send.

We have the scalability to cater for large Financial Services organisations with the facility to offer 1000+ user packages.

Why use Document Messenger as a Banks or Lenders ?

Comply with Data Protection legislation

Sending emails and documents unencrypted could put your business at risk. Failure to comply with data protection regulations could incur significant fines and sanctions.

By using Document Messenger, you can demonstrate to regulators that your organisation is taking the protection of customer data seriously.

Email encryption safeguards the content from being read by others, rather than the intended recipient.

What are the benefits of Document Messenger?

Safeguard customer data as a Bank or Lender

Encrypted communications can strengthen client trust and your reputation with regulators.

Document Messenger allows you to protect sensitive information shared with clients and intermediaries.

Why has Document Messenger been developed ?

Why use Document Messenger ?

  • Simple solution. No need to download software.
  • Each firm has their own branded portal.
  • Mobile friendly. Available on desktop, phone and tablet.
  • Easy to setup staff and clients.
  • UK based with a background in Financial Services.
  • No need to change or amend existing email solution.
  • One time password for users and clients.
  • Email friendly messages with 'drag & drop' documents.
  • Scalable. Available for single user up to 1000+ users.
  • Free for clients to use.

Contact us to find out more about Document Messenger. Email encryption for Financial Services. Safeguard online messages and documents between you and your clients. Send documents securely online.

Sounds good!

How do I find out more or place an order ?

Please contact us and one of our team with be in touch.